Maintenance free eyelashes?

In the last 10 years, eyelash extensions have become increasingly popular and there is a huge demand for them. They are quite addictive and it’s hard to go back once you’ve tried them so it’s hard to blame anyone.

Although there is a huge market for eyelash extensions, there is also a large number of women and men that can’t keep up with the maintenance either because they live a busy lifestyle and can’t commit to regular appointments, because they can’t afford the lifestyle or for other reasons. Is there an option for this demographic?

Being in the industry I have noticed a lot of clients come in wanting a very “natural” and “shorter” look because they are going on holidays and want something light that will last the duration of their trip.

Years and years ago eyelash perming was quite popular and the process involved using a round rod to curl back their eyelashes and using a perming solution on the lashes that will set them in the position they are, it was only until years later that people weren’t happy as the rods would curl back the lashes to a point that they curled backwards, thus losing length and having over-processed lashes that looked singed.

Not too long ago a new method of perming was created where instead of using a round rod, it was replaced with a flat C shaped rod. Genius. The solutions were also reformulated to avoid the lashes being over-processed too quickly. This change meant that the lashes would lift up as if they were curled with a curling wand and that would create the illusion of longer eyelashes. That’s where the name lash “lift” came into play.

After performing numerous lash lifts on clients and seeing the end results, it looked almost as if they had gotten a light set of classic extensions, but the difference is that there was no maintenance and they generally last longer.

After that when clients would come in wanting something light and natural I would go through an extensive consultation and determine that a lash lift would better suit their needs. It’s more travel safe, less downtime, no maintenance, lasts between 6-12 weeks and no regular appointments at all. Obviously a lash lift isn’t for everyone, if a client wants long, thick eyelashes you wouldn’t recommend it, but when a client books in requesting something light and natural and easy to maintain then I would certainly recommend a lash lift.

It’s also going to reassure the client that you’re not just doing a service that they’ve booked in for. You’re giving them the best possible service to suit their needs even if it means losing a little of the sale and their repeat regular business.

This industry and having the salon means more to me than simply getting people in and out, it’s about sharing knowledge that has taken me years to figure out and even understand because although we are “just providing a service” and it’s “just the beauty industry”, ultimately we are helping clients to feel more confident, beautiful and happy. If we never recommended other options to clients and did exactly what they asked, would there ever be a need to educate ourselves on all aspects of the industry? Furthermore, if the client chose their own set and they were too long. and they all fell off, why would they come back?

The moral is, the knowledge and skills that you have learnt can add value into a clients experience by giving them an option that would better suit their needs based on what information they have given you and by assessing the client. Whether that means, a different service, style or look.

Natalie x

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