Top 10 Lash Aftercare Tips

The first thing is to understand that having eyelash extensions does require maintenance and it isn’t for all of us. Although having them is nice, if we aren’t prepared for the upkeep there are other options that require little to no maintenance. 

If you are getting extensions as a once-off for an event or whatever reason, it’s still important to still try to implement aftercare as it’s more than just “taking care of them” 

The first step is;
1. Before the appointment. It’s important to come to your appointment with no eye makeup on or makeup around the area. Although we do try to remove all makeup, there is a chance there could be built up residue, and as all of our products are oil-free, this can be a problem if you are wearing waterproof mascara. It also is quite a time consuming, by the time we prepare all of the products to remove the makeup, and actually get the majority of it off, it could take around 10-20 minutes, this means that the time we have to put lashes on has been shortened. 

2. The first 24 hours. Following your appointment the important things to remember is to avoid water directly on the lashes, this includes saunas, pools and steam. If they have gotten wet in this time it may affect the adhesive and cause them to fall out quicker than anticipated as the bond won’t be as strong.

3. Stay away from oils. Unlike water that needs to be avoided for only a short time, oils ideally need to be avoided for the duration that you have extensions on. Unless you aren’t bothered by the longevity of your extensions. Oils break down the glue and can be found in mascaras, eye creams, makeup, eyeliner etc. We also naturally produce oils and even have pores in our eyelids which means that sweat also can affect the adhesive. Oils slowly break away the bond and allow the extension to glide off the natural lash.

4. Keeping them clean. It’s important to cleanse your lashes with our oil-free lash cleanser and it has so many benefits. As mentioned before, our body naturally produces oils so we can’t escape them, but by cleansing our eyes daily it doesn’t allow the oils enough time to break down the adhesive. If you have an active lifestyle and are always sweating, you may struggle with retention even cleansing them regularly. This also goes for those in a more humid climate. What you can try is, as well as cleansing them, using our coating sealant, which basically puts a protective layer around the glue and in a way you’ll understand; it pretty much buys you more time. The coating sealant can be purchased online through our website (use code FREESHIP20 for free shipping on orders over $20)

5. Sleeping! When it comes to getting extensions for the first time, it can be difficult to remember to not face plant the pillow and sometimes it’s hard to avoid. Sleeping on your side or back is ideal and that’s because having pressure and rubbing on your lashes can cause them to detach from your natural lash and fall off.

6. Don’t touch them! It’s more common than most people realise to have a habit of touching or picking at the extensions, some even find it satisfying to pick them off but although it’s fun, we highly recommend you avoid doing this. Not only will you pull all of the extensions out, as the extension is bonded to your natural lash, but there also’s a high chance you will pull out your natural lash top and that’s when you’ll start to see the damage. When you pull out a natural lash that isn’t at its last stage of growth you can damage the follicle and cause permanent damage. It also means that over time you’ll start to see gaps in your eyelashes and the damage could be irreversible. If you feel that you have a habit of picking them we would advise you get them removed. 

7. Getting regular refills. Most people that get eyelash extensions like to continue having them and get regular refill appointments. Some may require refills more often than others and this can be for numerous reasons. It’s extremely important to keep up with your eyelash cleansing routine for the duration that you have them on and this is why. Natural eyelashes serve a purpose for your body and that’s to protect your eyes from dirt, debris and impurities etc which means that it will be trapped in between your extensions. Over time if you aren’t cleaning them regularly, bacteria may form and irritation can then occur. You may develop sensitivities or even reactions as your body has had enough of fighting off the bacteria so it will start to reject anything around the area.

8. Choosing the right eyelashes. Picking the right length and curl will change your experience on having eyelash extensions. Although we can recommend the right lash for you (and this is for a reason) more often than not clients want to go a little longer. The different between 1mm in an eyelash length can result in them not holding on and being irritating. If you opt for a much longer extension than your natural lash you need to understand that you may need more frequent refills as when the lash grows out, the extension then becomes too long and it can start dropping. Shorter lashes are easier to clean, maintain and enjoy. Try it next time and see the difference!

9. Lash cycles. Each lash goes through phases of growth until it falls out and another replaces it. The eyelash extension is bonded to your natural lash so when the natural lash is ready to fall out, the extension comes out with it. This is when you see your extension and a natural lash connected to it. It’s not uncommon to go through a phase where it seems like all of your extensions are falling out rapidly for no explanation and this is generally the cause. It’s normal and a part of human nature and it’s also unpredictable.

10. Getting them done properly. We can always guarantee the quality of our work and all of the technicians have been qualified with extensive experience. We can’t, however, guarantee other salons work, although there are some amazing technicians out there, there are also untrained and unqualified ones too. This is a risk not to take lightly if you are trying to look for a “cheaper” salon to get the same service. There’s a possibility that they could use excess glue, not isolate properly and not use high-quality products. In this case, the cost of removing them and applying a new set will set you back even more. 

- Natalie

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